Our Team

Despite our diverse backgrounds, every member of our team has one thing in common: We love Love. And it's for the sake of spreading the joy and peace that love brings to all our minds that we present this site to you and your loved ones.

Without further ado: Meet the Team @ ❤️'s 🎁🎁


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alex brady
alex brady of @iamalexbrady fame. alex brady is the voice for the awakened one, and director of alexbrady organization (www.alexbrady.org.) alex brady foresees LovesPresents.com transforming the world through by spreading the deep message of Love in fashionable ways.
alexa anderson
Captain, Technology
Alexa Anderson is a software engineer and digital creative. Alexa's skill with digital design and technology boosted LovesPresents.com to its initial launch and beyond.
roderick anderson
Captain, Administration
Roderick Anderson is an IT professional. He brings his caring nature and technical skills to Love's Presents to keep the site up, running, and responding with quality support.
La Tecia
Contributor, Writing
La Tecia D. Sykes is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Denver. She has put her writing degree to good use producing copy, original fiction works and even a blog!
michael brodnicki
Contributor, Writing
Michael is a commercial and fiction writer/illustrator based out of Dallas/Ft. Worth. His primary focus is science fiction although he loves loving love with us here at Love's Presents!
loki the dog
Lowell "Loki"
One of the masterminds behind of Love's Presents!
Fun fact: He loves tennis!
breez the dog
Senior support Breez brings the spunk to the Administrative Team.