We Give Back

As part of our mission in extending the impact of Love in our lives, our homes, and our Community, Love's Presents pledges to support non-profit organizations furthering this same mission.

We currently have two programs through which we spread the love:


Salvation Army:

LovesPresents.com aims at having a global reach with the message of Love. We look to the Salvation Army as inspiration for impact and effect.

The Salvation Army exists to meet human need wherever, whenever, and however. To support their mission of improving on the ground lives of humans in need, we donate 5% of profits to Salvation Army.

Exemplary Teachers Fund:

Our Exemplary Teachers Fund contributes a quarterly donation to independent individuals and organizations who provide high-quality and accessible education to a global audience. These are independent, online teachers who provide free or low-cost education services and rely on a donations (Patreon, Ko-fi, etc) to support their passionate work.

LovesPresents.com pledges 5% of profits to our Exemplary Teachers.

View this quarter's Exemplary Teacher

Are you or do you know an Exemplary Teacher?

Submit information about the teacher along with a website/YouTube of their online portfolio. If accepted, our team will reach out to the teacher the good news!