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I find myself asked as to what love means to me.

Thankfully I was spared indoctrination by Hallmark cards due to a church-going upbringing, which neatly outlined demonstrations of what love is from the past five thousand years or so.

I was always taught that love is not a feeling. There are feelings associated with love, but love is ultimately an action. As the good book says, “Faith without works is dead.”

Love is concern for the well-being of an entity, be it yourself or another or a group or a system or another action. I love the human race. I love my family. I love collecting CDs. The way I see it, it’s acceptable to love pretty much anything but an inanimate object.


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To me, love is about willingness to sacrifice. Love often repays sacrifice in this life, but the sacrifice must be made for the sake of the entity that is love’s object. If you love something and are unwilling to sacrifice for it, then that is a hollow love at best.

In my meditations, I have come to believe that life is love on the chemical level and organisms are expressions of that love. Love is the animating force of the universe, the driving force of evolution, and our only solace in destruction.

Love, like life, justifies itself, so be sure to spread it around!


michael brodnicki
Michael Brodnicki
Michael is a commercial and fiction writer/illustrator based out of Dallas/Ft. Worth. His primary focus is science fiction although he loves loving love with us here at Love's Presents!

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