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Presence can be the greatest gift of all. It’s hard to beat knowing that your life is valued.

Sometimes the best gift for someone sick or grieving is just your loving presence. They need the affirmation that you want to be with them.

Because if you want to be with them, that means they affected you in some way, that there is a connection between the two of you. That alone marks their significance, that in some way their existence is valued.

People are social animals, and the good will of other people has a cumulative effect in the real world. As communities come together and just be there for one another, people come to value each other more. 

Let your presence be your present to someone you love today!

michael brodnicki
Michael Brodnicki
Michael is a commercial and fiction writer/illustrator based out of Dallas/Ft. Worth. His primary focus is science fiction although he loves loving love with us here at Love's Presents!

What does Presence mean to you?

Has someone strong in your life inspired you recently with their care and concern? Submit your story of how you've seen Presence in your life. Enter for a chance to win one of Love's Presents for yourself or a loved one!

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