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Strength is gained from passion.

Strength is the capacity to enforce one’s will upon the world.

Strength is the capacity to win what one desires and to do what needs to be done.

I’ll offer three examples.


diver with a shark

Firstly, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has many great quotes about discipline and success. He endured much tedious muscle strain daily to achieve his physique, he went on to immigrate to America where he endured the tedious and awkward process of learning the English language in his twenties, then he starred in some of the greatest science fiction movies ever made, and then he became governor of California. Everyone thought I was crazy when I said Arnold should be the Republican presidential candidate, and now look who we have in office.

Secondly, Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of the band Iron Maiden. Not only is he the beloved front man of arguably the most successful heavy metal band on Earth, but he’s a commercial airline pilot and flies the band’s tour jet. That’s right, the band’s world tour complete with crew and lavish stage show cruises around the globe in a converted 747. He’s also pursued a solo career, marketed his own beer, competed in fencing internationally, written satirical novels, and scripted and scored a sci-fi horror movie about Aleister Crowley. Bruce is a polymath.

Thirdly, Polish-born Marie Curie founded the science of radioactivity, thereby making effective cancer cures possible. In 1903 she became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for her work in radioactivity. In 1911 she became the first human to win a second Nobel Prize, this one in chemistry. She remains the one person to win two Nobel Prizes in separate sciences. Knowledge and technology are strength, indeed power, on their own.

Follow your passion, navigate by your conscience, and you will find strength.


michael brodnicki
Michael Brodnicki
Michael is a commercial and fiction writer/illustrator based out of Dallas/Ft. Worth. His primary focus is science fiction although he loves loving love with us here at Love's Presents!


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  • Strength is what keeps me going. Thank you so much!

    Meghan on

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